We specialize in making small-batch beers and ginger ale, hand-crafted

onsite from authentic and, whenever possible, local ingredients.   These are the beers we have on rotation--you never know who is in town!

BARBER Hibiscus Ginger Honey Ale
We named this beer the Barber in tribute to the Village's resident hair stylist. Our hibiscus honey ginger beer is styled after her signature tea.

Each batch is brewed with exotic hibiscus flowers, which impart a tropical flavor and striking claret red hue. This beer is as unique and refreshing as its namesake.
BOSS Blackberry Oatmeal Stout
We created this beer in honor of a very dear friend who served combat tours in the jungles of southeast Asia.

The Marine--Lager emulates the style of the local beer that our friend enjoyed while he was deployed. Like him, this beer is reliable, sincere, and understated.
BERSERKER Coffee Stout
Of the ancient Viking warriors, the most feared was the Berserker, a fighter who would careen head-long into battle in a trance-like fury.

Our Berserker--named for our beloved Danish friend Helle--is a Coffee Stout brewed with the strongest beans we could find.

This beer is our tribute to Helle's epic fighting spirit.
TOWNIE Irish Red Ale
AVIATOR Oktoberfest Lager
At summer's close, the clear blue skies above the Village are traversed by our adventurous friends in their magnificent flying machines.

With the precision of the AVIATOR at the controls of his craft, this Oktoberfest Lager is brewed with zealous adherence to German tradition, guaranteeing a superb flight.
Reliable and understated, the Staffer quietly works in the background to help his boss make the Village a better place.

Our blond ale is brewed with a blend of malts carefully selected to showcase the Staffer's backbone, structure, and finesse.
CRITIC Peppercorn Saison
Whether she's commenting on the upbringing of the neighborhood kids or about the new color of your house, the Critic can't help dishing out her unvarnished opinion.

Like any conversation with the Critic, our peppercorn saison is crafted to finish with a spicy zing.
BERRY FARMER Strawberry Ale
The BERRY FARMER loves the springtime, when the Village emerges from winter and its barren fields erupt with life and color.

Our strawberry ale is infused with ripe Northern Neck strawberries handpicked at the peak of perfection.
The Trailblazer is adventurous, bold and unafraid of testing the bounds of Village convention.

Our Dubbel is just as unhindered. Brewed with a blend of monastery and abbey yeasts, our dark, strong trappist-style ale confidently goes where others fear to tread.
The GOOD SAMARITAN IPA gathers people up in the community to the brewery to fundraise for a cause.
In summer, the white sandy beaches of nearby islands are thronged with sunbathers and boaters. The ISLANDER has elevated leisure to an art form.

The refreshing citrus of this orange wheat beer is evocative of lazy Saturdays vacationing in the village's backyard.
TIMBERMAN Chocolate Ginger Porter
When warm days give way to cool nights, the TIMBERMAN sets off into the surrounding forests, harvesting fuel for the Village's hearths.

The raw sturdiness of our chocolate porter is tempered by a mild infusion of ginger, adding just a touch of heat to counter winters chill.
WATERMAN Oyster Stout
Working men have plied the waters off the Village's shores for generations. The WATERMAN braves the elements to harvest the ample bounty of our nearby rivers and bays.

Our Oyster Stout is brewed with the legendary oysters of the Northern Neck.
Face it. Every Village has one of these guys. Hopped up out of their mind and ornery as hell. We dedicate this beer to our ANGRY S.O.B., last seen standing on the lakeshore, screaming at a little kid, "I don't give a DAMN if it's your birthday!"
Like him, this IPA is unrestrained and utterly outrageous.
ARTISTE Raspberry Hefeweizen
The Village is alive with the creative energy of muralists, photographers, and painters.
The ARTISTE's dynamic whimsy is captured in our Raspberry Hefeweizen; subtly hopped, unbashed effervescence, and exploding with the tartness of real raspberries. This beer is as expressive as it's namesake.
COME HERES Belgian Style-Ale
Each year, ever more people move here from the city, trading the stress and frustration of urban living for the leisurely pace of Village life.

Like this beer, the best so called COME HERES seamlessly blend a fresh perspective with an appreciation of Village life.
The HOMEWRECKER may be sweet at first, but watch out for her bite. We can't promise you won't get in a little trouble with this one, either.

Generously loaded with Citra hops, this farmhouse-style saison ale is a Village favorite.
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