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Montross is a village that loves ginger ale.  Until the bottling plant closed a few years ago,

ginger ale was made here for almost a century. And before  that, residents as far back as the

colonial period brewed their own homemade ginger ale. It's safe to say that around here,

ginger ale is more than just a beverage it's a tradition and a mark of pride for our little village. 

So it is easy to understand why a lot of folks were sad when they stopped making it here.


That's why we are so excited to announce the resumption of ginger ale production in

Montross, albeit on a much smaller scale - with our old fashioned Ginger Ale. 

We call it Old fashioned because we make it using a recipe from the late 1800s. Back then they didn't use

the kinds of ingredients we're used to seeing on the backs of soda cans nowadays like high fructose corn syrup

and sodium benzoate. They used real ingredients like cane sugar, real lemons, and fresh ginger.  So we do too.


Each small batch of Ginger Ale is 100 percent hand-crafted in our brewery from real, fresh ingredients, including our most important one: a commitment to tradition.

Things you should know:


  • Because we don't use preservatives, our Old Fashioned Ginger Ale is very perishable.  Although our bottles are pasteurized and shelf-stable, if you fill a growler to go, you should keep it cold and you ought to plan on drinking it within a few days.


  • We use fresh ingredients and embrace that each batch is unique. We have noticed that one ginger root can be a lot spicier than the next, some lemons are more sour than others, and so on.  

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